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Knowledge Bureau

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Knowledge BureauTM is Canada’s leading national post-secondary educational institute for continuing professional development of advisors in the tax and financial services.

Founded in 2003, Knowledge Bureau publishes and delivers certificate courses leading to the prestigious MFATM (Master Financial Advisor) designation, which provides core specialization opportunities in tax, retirement, business succession and estate planning for multi-disciplinary practices.

Through online courses and live learning events taught by industry leaders, over 10,000 professionals have earned the certifications, diplomas and professional designations they need to fill knowledge gaps, excel in their careers and position their professional practices for change and growth.

Evelyn Jacks, founder and President of Knowledge Bureau, is one of Canada’s most respected educators in tax and financial literacy and a prolific financial author. She has penned 51 best-selling books on tax preparation and tax-efficient family wealth management. She was recently named one of the Top 25 Women of Influence in Canada for the second time.

Evelyn has been influential in advising governments on tax and financial literacy policies. She was appointed by former Finance Minister Flaherty to the Federal Task Force on Financial Literacy, and by the Premier of Manitoba to the Lower Tax Commission, to advise on the direction of the provincial tax regime. Recently she co-founded the Manitoba Financial Literacy Forum in partnership with the Manitoba Securities Commission, dedicated to increase financial literacy in that province.

She is also a well-known national commentator, keynote speaker and budget analyst who has written thousands of articles, most recently in MoneySense Magazine, The Toronto Star, and for the Toronto Stock Exchange. She appears regularly on CBC Newsworld, CTV News, BNN, and regional television and radio outlets. She tweets @evelynjacks and blogs at

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