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Fund news: Quadrus fund reclassified, new BMO ETFs start trading, top 10 categories
5/27/2018 3:45:37 AM
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By Fund Library News Wire  | Thursday, February 16, 2017


By Mike Keerma

* Mackenzie Quadrus fund reclassified.
* New BMO income ETFs begin trading.
* Top 10 fund categories – January 2017.

* Mackenzie Quadrus fund reclassified. Mackenzie Financial Corp. announced on Feb. 14 that it is reclassifying its Quadrus Diversified Fixed Income Folio Fund to Canadian Fixed Income from Global Fixed Income under the Canadian Investment Funds Standards Committee fund classification system. The fund has also imposed a foreign content limit of 30% and changed the risk rating for the fund to Low from Low-to-Medium.

According to a release, the fund is strategically designed to seek higher income and to provide fixed-income diversification through a fund-of-funds structure.

* New BMO income ETFs begin trading. BMO Asset Management Inc. announced on Feb. 9 that its three new income-generating exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have commenced trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

BMO Canadian High Dividend Covered-Call ETF (TSX: ZWC): According to BMO, the fund is designed for investors looking for higher dividend-paying Canadian securities with the additional of yield through a covered call overlay.

BMO US Put Write Hedged to Canada ETF (TSX: ZPH): According to BMO, the fund is designed to provide investors with exposure to the performance of a portfolio of put options on U.S. large capitalization stocks to generate income. The ETF is available in hedged, unhedged, and U.S. dollar versions to allow investors to choose their currency exposure.

BMO US Preferred Share Index ETF (TSX: ZUP): BMO says the fund is designed to hold the constituent securities of the Solactive US Preferred Share Select Index, providing investors exposure to the U.S. preferred-share market with a smart-beta dividend yield screen. The BMO US Preferred Share Index ETF and the currency-hedged version, BMO US Preferred Share Hedged to CAD Index ETF (TSX: ZHP), are available in hedged, unhedged and U.S. dollar versions to allow investors the flexibility to position their portfolio based on market views.

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