Fund news: CI buys Sentry, BMO renames ETFs, Brompton closes fund
7/18/2018 4:37:38 AM
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By Fund Library News Wire  | Friday, August 11, 2017


By Mike Keerma

* CI acquires Sentry.
* BMO ETF index and name changes.
* Brompton shutters precious metals fund.

* CI acquires Sentry. CI Financial Corp. and Sentry Investments Corp. announced on Aug. 10 that CI will acquire Sentry in a deal valued at $780 million. The takeover will combine two of Canada’s largest independent active asset managers.

Under the agreement, CI will acquire all of the outstanding shares of Sentry and its subsidiary Sentry Investments Inc., for a total of $780 million payable in $230 million in cash and the balance in CI shares. The transaction is expected to close on or about September 29, 2017, subject to regulatory approvals.

CI’s CEO, Peter W. Anderson, said, “The combined company will enjoy greater scale, which is key to being competitive in the investment industry today.”

Sentry currently has about $19 billion in assets under management, and offers over 45 mutual funds and other investments. After the takeover, Sentry will remain a stand-alone brand, using CI’s investment platform.

The transaction will increase CI’s assets under management by 16%, to about $140 billion, from $120.4 billion at July 31, 2017. Total assets (assets under management plus assets under advisement) will increase to about $180 billion.

* BMO ETF index and name changes. BMO Asset Management Inc. announced changes to the names and underlying indices of its Equal Weight ETFs.

Solactive AG, which currently provides indices for eight other BMO ETFs, will be the new index provider for these ETFs as well. Debuting in 2007, Solactive currently calculates indices for 350 clients in Europe, North America, and Asia with approximately US$100 billion invested in products linked to its indices.

Effective Sept. 15, the Equal Weight BMO ETFs will start tracking Solactive indices as shown in the following table:

Given these index changes, BMO will also change the names of the ETFs to follow suit.

In a release, BMO said the changes align with the current investment objectives and strategies of the Equal Weight BMO ETFs and will aim to provide investors with the same exposure to the asset class currently represented in each ETF.

* Brompton shutters precious metals fund. Brompton Funds Limited announced it will close its Precious Metals Bullion Trust (TSX: PBU.UN) effective Oct. 12. In a release, Brompton said the fund is being terminated because 1) the net asset value has declined to about $3.9 million, resulting in the potential de-listing of units from the TSX; 2) an increasing management expense ratio and reduced trading liquidity for unitholders; and 3) limited growth opportunities due in part to regulatory changes prohibiting the use of rights and warrants to increase assets.

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