Weekly market wrap Oct. 27, 2017: Unstoppable stock indices ride tech wave to new heights
12/14/2018 12:28:12 PM
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By Fund Library News Wire  | Friday, October 27, 2017


By Mike Keerma

* Unstoppable stock indices ride tech wave to new heights.
* Horizons launches international dividend ETF.
* RBC introduces bond and bank ETFs.

* Unstoppable stock indices ride tech wave to new heights.
The surging technology sector and strong third-quarter gross domestic product growth (3.0% annual rate) were the drivers helping power the major U.S. stock indices to another week of record high closes. Strong earnings reports from tech giants Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL) , Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT), Intel Corp. (NASDAQ: INTC), and Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) lifted the Nasdaq Composite Index to a 1.1% gain on the week, closing at an all-time high and its fifth consecutive weekly advance. The S&P 500 Composite Index also felt the tech wind beneath its wings, closing Friday with a 0.3% gain on the week, also with a record high close. Following suit, Toronto’s benchmark S&P/TSX Composite Index ended the week with a record high close of 15,953.51 on Friday, posting a 0.6% gain on the week, as the Bank of Canada kept its key interest rate unchanged at 1%, while the price of crude oil advanced 3.7%.

* Horizons launches international dividend ETF. Horizons ETFs Management debuted its Horizons Active Intl Developed Markets Equity ETF (TSX: HADM). The fund holds high-quality, dividend-paying companies in international developed markets outside of North America, including Europe, Australasia, and the Far East. The fund is sub-advised by the systematic equities group from Guardian Capital LP.

* RBC introduces bond and bank ETFs. RBC Global Asset Management launched five new bond exchange-traded funds and one new bank-focused ETF.

RBC PH&N Short Term Canadian Bond ETF (TSX: RPSB) invests primarily in a diversified portfolio of short duration Canadian government and corporate bonds, as well as Canadian bonds issued by foreign corporations.

RBC 6-10 Year Laddered Canadian Corporate Bond Ladder ETF (TSX: RMBO) is an actively managed rules-based portfolio of Canadian bonds with a term to maturity ranging from six to 10 years.

RBC Short-Term U.S. Corporate Bond ETF (TSX: RUSB) invests primarily in short duration U.S. corporate bonds and is the first active short-term U.S. fixed income ETF in Canada.

RBC BlueBay Global Diversified Income (CAD Hedged) ETF (TSX: RBDI) holds a portfolio of diversified global bonds.

RBC Canadian Bank Yield Index ETF (TSX: RBNK) tracks the performance of a portfolio of the largest six Canadian bank stocks.

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