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Dynamic is a leading Canadian investment company offering comprehensive investment services that cover the entire spectrum of choice, including mutual funds, tax-advantaged products and customized high net worth programs.

Investing Veterans

The Dynamic family began as a 50-member investment club back in 1957. In 1963, Dynamic Value Fund of Canada became a financial industry pioneer when it began offering professional investment management to the public. Dynamic's commitment to provide high-quality, professional investment services has never wavered throughout our company's long history.

Today, Dynamic offers more than a great line-up of mutual funds. Our comprehensive investment services cover the entire spectrum of choice, including mutual funds, tax-advantaged products and customized high-net-worth programs. The foundation for our success rests on two principles: innovation & discipline.

Our Commitment

Innovation drives our evolution. Our ethic of innovation energizes our organization. For more than 40 years we have leveraged our talent to create and manage innovative investment products. We have been first to market with many now-popular products. The Dynamic team continuously re-evaluates the marketplace, exploring investment ideas and developing new investment products to benefit our clients. In a rapidly changing industry, we remain one step ahead.


Discipline defines our investment process. As a leading investment company, Dynamic offers a diversity of choice, with each investment option giving you access to a different asset class, geographic region and investment approach. Our broad product line, however, is built on a common foundation - discipline. Why is discipline so important? Because the carefully crafted balance in your portfolio can only succeed if each investment remains true to its mandate. At Dynamic, we understand that discipline is key to your success.

Talent & Teamwork

Most core Dynamic investments are managed by our in-house team at Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel. Goodman & Company has built its success on the philosophy "live locally, think globally, " which means that investment decisions are based on worldwide first-hand expertise. It also means this expertise is brought home to the team, and contributes to our unique global insight. Teamwork enables every portfolio manager to stay current with worldwide market developments, and incorporate this global perspective into their decision-making. As a result, investments in every Dynamic fund consistently represent the best opportunities in the global marketplace.

Dynamic also relies on the expertise of some of the top investment advisors in the world in addition to its skilled in-house portfolio management team. These managers are highlighted in the Portfolio Managers section of this website.

For more info, please see:   Who we are
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Dynamic mutual funds can be purchased through registered securities dealers across Canada, including financial advisors and planners, stockbrokers and discount brokerages.

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