Samantha Prasad

Samantha Prasad

Samantha is a Partner in the Tax Group at Toronto-based law firm Minden Gross LLP. Her practice focuses mainly on corporate, estate and international tax planning. In addition to advising clients on various tax planning strategies, Samantha has particular experience in designing and implementing estate plans and corporate reorganizations.

Samantha’s clients vary from multi-national corporations to the family business owner/manager. As such, her practice is varied to include tax aspects of corporate finance, corporate reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, as well as comprehensive succession planning and offshore and international corporate structures.

Clients appreciate Samantha’s ability to set up tax-efficient structures, and her ability to explain complex issues in everyday terms. Samantha is very adaptable to her clients’ needs, while also being able to provide a holistic view in respect of the client’s particular situation and goals.

Samantha is an accomplished author, having co-authored the 3rd edition of Tax and Family Business Succession Planning. Additionally, she is the co-editor of various other CCH Canadian Limited tax publications including the Canada Income Tax GuideWealth Management Guide, and Tax Planning for Small Business Guide. Samantha is a regular contributor to TaxNotes (Wolters Kluwer) and is a Contributing Editor to The TaxLetter newsletters (MPL Communications). Samantha is also a frequent lecturer for professional and commercial organizations, businesses, and conferences, such as the Law Society of Ontario, the Ontario Bar Association, STEP Canada, and Federated Press. She has also served as a guest speaker for the Osgoode Faculty of Law LLM (Corporate Taxation) program.

Samantha is a board member of Meritas Law Firms Worldwide and sits on the Meritas Executive Committee for Member Engagement. Previously, she served as a member of the Meritas Leadership Institute, which created a green initiative project distributed to over 6,500 lawyers worldwide; she subsequently headed up the Meritas Leadership Institute Program.

A proud Northern Ontarian, Samantha is a voracious reader but still takes time out for her family and her weekly ice hockey game.

She can be contacted at