Gordon Pape

Gordon Pape

Gordon Pape is a well-known Canadian author who specializes in personal finance and investing. He is a frequent guest on national television and radio phone-in shows, and is often quoted in the media.

He is Editor and Publisher of the Internet Wealth Builder, a weekly digital investment advisory, and The Income Investor, a monthly report on income securities.

Mr. Pape has for many years been a regular contributor to some of Canada’s leading media channels, including The Toronto Star, The Fund Library, GlobeinvestorGold.com, 50-plus.net, Zoomer magazine and Insurance Journal.

In the investing field, Gordon Pape has written and co-authored many books, with total sales in Canada and the U.S. exceeding 1 million copies. His best sellers include RRSPs: The Ultimate Wealth Builder, Retirement’s Harsh New Realities: Protecting Your Money in a Changing World, Tax-Free Savings Accounts: How TFSAs Can Make You Rich, Sleep-Easy Investing, and The Retirement Time Bomb.

Earlier investing and money management titles include Get Control of Your Money, Secrets of Successful Investing, The Complete Guide to RRIFs and LIFs, 6 Steps to $1 Million, Retiring Wealthy in the 21st Century, Making Money in Mutual Funds, Building Wealth in the ’90s, Low-Risk Investing in the ’90s, The Canadian Mortgage Book, The Best of Pape’s Notes, and Head Start. His annual guides to RRSPs and mutual funds were perennial best-sellers for more than a decade.

With his daughter Deborah Kerbel, Mr. Pape co-authored a series of popular Christmas trivia books, Quizmas (2004), Family Quizmas (2006), and Quizmas Carols (2007).

Other books to his credit include The $50,000 Stove Handle, a humourous look at the perils of home renovations. He is also co-author of Gordon Pape’s International Shopping Guide, a handbook for international travellers, Montreal at the Crossroads, which won a Heritage Canada Communications Award, and three novels which were published internationally: Chain Reaction, The Scorpion Sanction and The Music Wars.

Mr. Pape has had a long and distinguished career. He was a political analyst in Quebec City and Ottawa for The Gazette of Montreal for several years and spent three years in London, England as a correspondent for the Southam Newspapers, an assignment which included Northern Ireland, the Middle East, and Africa. He was publisher of Canada’s largest circulation magazine, The Canadian Magazine, and its successor, Today Magazine, from 1977-82. From 1984-87, he was publisher of The MoneyLetter and The TaxLetter for Hume Publishing. He also supervised a major revision of Hume’s Successful Investing & Money Management course.

For 17 years, his insightful financial commentaries were heard weekly on CBC radio stations across Canada, attracting tens of thousands of listeners.

Mr. Pape has been a featured speaker at several national and international financial conferences in Canada and the United States, including the World Money Show in Orlando, Florida, which is attended by more than 13,000 people. He has lectured at Queen’s University, Simon Fraser University, and the Canadian Bar Association.

He is a past chairman of the Magazine Association of Canada and a past president of the National Magazine Awards Foundation.

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